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Alice Beale

Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Danny & Mick for making a 6 year olds birthday very special. Alice absolutely loved your brilliant laugh out loud video message. I know how busy you guys are so really appreciate you taking the time out. She is a hug
Video received within 6 days


Brilliant thanks guys he will love it on his birthday!
Video received within 34 days

Olwen Story

Absolute heroes; thank you so much. Money can’t buy the smile you just put on my daughters face. Amazing doesn’t cover it - thank you !!
Video received within 2 days


We just wanted to say a massive thanks to Danny and Mick for the wonderful funny birthday message for Vinny. He was totally blown away to see his favourite characters send him a personalised message. It really made it very special birthday for him. T
Video received within 10 days

Macie Park

Great video guys macie will be over joyed keep up the good work keeping adults & children of all ages entertained Stay safe see you soon
Video received within 18 days

Jay McCormick

Absolutely fantastic! Our little boy was gobsmacked this morning and it has made his birthday even more special. Can’t thank you enough
Video received within 20 days

Hayley Donohue

Absolutely amazing. Please pass on our thank you, its everything we thought it would be like. We love it and cant wait to show her it on her 40th. It will make her day. Only thing was i ran out of text characters when putting what to say…i would have invi
Video received within 10 days

Jens,luis & puz

Video received within 2 days

Ellie & Edward

This was the perfect Christmas message for my kids. They absolutely loved the video message and Danny and Mick were fantastic. The message far exceeded my expectations. We will have to make it an annual affair from now on. Thank you so much Danny and Mick
Video received within 6 days

Ann Baxter

My Mam absolutely LOVED her video and it made her whole Christmas although she still can’t believe it’s real! Seeing her reaction was priceless. Thank you so very much xx
Video received within 16 days


Amazing! Thank you you’ve absolutely made the start of Xmas really special Merry Christmas x
Video received within 12 days

Aaron Telford

Thank you so much guys, u have made my little boys day I dont know how many times he has watched video over and over again. He is absolutely buzzing. Thanks again lads. And I hope u all have a fab Xmas . See u at next years panto :)
Video received within 10 days

Jill Manford

Please can you thank Danny and Mick for this video? It's absolutely hilarious!! They've put so much effort into it, I can't believe it. My wife loves Danny and Mick and she's going to love them even more after this!
Video received within 18 days


Thank you so much for this! Amelia absolutely loved it!
Video received within 17 days

Cody and Elijah

Thank you so much for the video, it was absolutely brilliant, the kids loved it and have watched it on repeat. Hilarious as always, thanks again
Video received within 21 days

Chris Tomkins

The class had so much fun watching your video. It was priceless and put such a big smile on everyone’s face! Thank you both so much. Would highly recommend this for any fan of these two - they’re awesome!
Video received within 4 days

William Lupton

Really really really really really really really really really really brilliant! Thank you Danny & Mick. from William
Video received within 8 days


We all really loved Danny & Mick's video - it gave us all a laugh and was a nice surprise for my daughter who was celebrating her 11th birthday. At around 3½ minutes long, it made it really special to get a video from people she enjoyed watching on TV tha
Video received within 2 days

Ella Carr

Amazing Ella will love this thank you so much for the effort and time put into this
Video received within 0 days

Katherine Bexon

Thank you both so much for the brilliant, funny and personal message! It really made the day and it was amazing that you put so much effort in to it, with the jokes and the song! The kids were in stiches and have told all of their friends about it. All th
Video received within 8 days

William Pool

Can I please say a massive thank you to Danny and Mick for their video which is amazing! I’ve watched it several times with my husband and we think it’s so funny and want to thank them for taking the time to make it really personalised for William. We w
Video received within 4 days


Thanks very much guys, he absolutely loved it and has watched it pretty much non-stop. All the best, hope you’re doing OK.
Video received within 4 days


Honestly can’t thank Danny and Mick enough. Was so personal, funny and entertaining. Thought it would be a quick happy birthday but instead got a wonderful video that had all of us laughing. Thank you
Video received within 1 days


Thankyou so much! My daughter is going to love it. Made me laugh, especially the hamster joke as you weren't to know but she's had loads of hamsters including Beth who was famous lol. Can't wait for the theatre to reopen and get our panto fix x
Video received within 4 days


Children and grown-ups pass on our many thanks for this awesome video! The only reason it took a while for us to provide feedback is that we were all too busy laughing at the content. The 'died in comfort' joke is now a particular family favourite :-)
Video received within 2 days

Cleo Conroy

This video was amazing, and my daughter absolutely loved it! The guys put a huge amount of effort into it, making it feel very personalised. It was great, and she walked around with a huge smile for days afterwards, singing the song "my friends Danny & Mi
Video received within 1 days

Patrick Ridley

Absolutely brilliant !! Thank you both so much. Well worth the money !!
Video received within 4 days

Gracie Rose

What a great video message for Our Daughter Gracie, you went abve and beyond she was absolutely amazed.. thankyou for your time just brilliant.
Video received within 1 days

Jocelyn Cole

Absolutely over the moon with the video from Danny and Mick. It’s thoughtful and funny, Amélie and Edda loved it and have watched it over and over again. This has really brightened up our day, such a special surprise and it was wonderful to see such joy o
Video received within 6 days


Absolutely brilliant! Super speedy service, and Danny and Mick made a very funny personalized message for our daughter on her 11th birthday. They included all the details we sent and ended with a specially written - and very catchy - song! She was complet
Video received within 1 days


We can’t thank you enough guys!!! This is AMAZING and you don’t know how much this will mean to finn or should I say the maharaja!! We are so grateful for the effort you have put in and you deserve all the success in the world. True diamonds! So so funny.
Video received within 3 days


A huge massive massive Thankyou for Tilly’s birthday message. She absolutely adores the two of you and to have you wish her a happy birthday was the best present!! She can’t stop talking and laughing about it. Thankyou so much you’ve made our little gi
Video received within 0 days


Our daughter absolutely loved it. Funny and personal. She couldn't quite believe that they knew things about her. Brilliant! And just what she needed.
Video received within 4 days


Tyler was really happy with his video off yous for his birthday laughing from Start to finish was defiantly worth the money for the smiles and laughter off him. Thank you so much
Video received within 4 days

Connor Arnell

Thank you so much for Connors video. Very funny, perfect for his End of Treatment celebration. Hopefully we will get to see you at the pantomime this year.
Video received within 3 days

Isaac Moon

OMG Danny and Mick, the video is amazing, I laughed my head off and I can’t wait for Isaac to see it he will love it. You’ve done such an amazing job with a few words. Love you guys joanne xxx
Video received within 2 days

Michelle Fowler

Thanks Danny and Mick, your video was amazing, and my wife loved it. Keep up the brilliant work.
Video received within 4 days

Caitlyn Barber

Absolutely brilliant!! Completely surpassed my expectations. Both Danny and Mick put a lot of thought into it and delivered big style. My daughters face was a picture! Thank you so much!
Video received within 2 days


Please pass on my thanks to the lads, it made my daughter’s day – they went to a lot of effort to make her smile after a tough week and it really worked.
Video received within 5 days


Brilliant video. My little boy thought it was the best thing ever! Well worth every penny! Funny and personalised brilliantly! 10/10
Video received within 3 days


Brilliant message guys thank you so much, you've gone above expectations !
Video received within 2 days

Jasmine & James

Absolutely brilliant birthday message from Danny and Mick, the kids were delighted, thank you both very much !
Video received within 4 days


Thank you so much. My nieces loved this video and didn’t want to go to bed after seeing it ! It has made their year and have watched it multiple times. You took notice of everything I told you about them and that’s what made it special. Thank you again
Video received within 2 days


My heartfelt thanks to Danny and Mick. The video they sent is incredible, I cannot wait to play it for my daughter on her birthday. What total legends, they have gone above and beyond. THANK YOU!
Video received within 1 days

Dan Kieran Sam

OMG we were over the moon to receive this video, thank you so much Danny and Mick. It was a brilliant video, good value for money and great way to keep the kids cheered up in lockdown. I would highly recommend and it just reaffirmed that we are looking f
Video received within 4 days

Julie and Peter

Dear Danny and Mick, What a wonderful “video surprise!!! Every year our daughter, Sara and son, James treats our family to your Pantomime in Newcastle. Thank you for the fun, smiles and laughs. We will see you in 2021 as long as there are no ..... AC
Video received within 3 days

Isabel and Zoe

Amazing, 10/10, Danny and mick made a brilliant video, very personalised and very funny. Our daughters are absolutely delighted, thank you!
Video received within 3 days

Kim Gibbins

Thank you so much. I love the video and I know Kim will. Her heart will be a flutter after receiving a birthday message from both Danny and Mick - but especially Mick! I’ve really missed my panto fix this year so this will see me through to Jan 2022 when
Video received within 3 days

Madison Hickey

Wow Madison was so surprised with her video, she could not stop laughing and asking me to play it again and again! She has been telling everyone!!! Thank u so much!!!
Video received within 3 days

Cole Forster

Thank you Danny & Mick, Cole loved your surprise video message, it’s cheered him up during this testing time - he can’t wait to see you both again when things are back to normal. Keep being hilarious and keep safe too!
Video received within 3 days

Most videos are recorded within a few hours to a week. You can cancel your request for an automatic refund at anytime (for example if you do not get it in time for a birthday etc).

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