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What is CelebVM?

CelebVM is a fun way for Celebrities and fans to connect via video messages

Celebrities record videos as and when it’s convenient for them on their smartphones or computers.

About Us

CelebVM Founder 'Angus Lancaster' came up with the idea after working with One Direction, on their music video 'Live While We're Young'.

We noticed that confident fans were able to get autographs and pictures while the shyer fans did not want to bother the band and therefore missed-out.

We decided that we wanted to create a simple fun, fair and equal way for fans and celebrities to connect while also having the ability to help charities.

With the technology and systems that we have created we believe that we have successfully accomplished this and much more.

For fans who have already got an autograph and have met their favorite celebrity, they can now get a 'Personal Video Message' that they can keep forever.

We now have many big name celebrities lined-up ready to use CelebVM in the near future.

Fans are loving their videos whether it is for them or for someone as else a gift

Celebrities are really enjoying recording videos for fans, and put a lot more effort in than we might have thought.

Founder 'Angus Lancaster'
Japanese Degree, Sheffield University and Tokyo Chuo University
Taught English in Japan, China and Korea for 4 years
Set-up and ran a unique tour guide company in China
Set-up in 2007 (Featured at the 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony, BBC Breakfast, Blue Peter, ITV, Channel4, Sky1, NBC, CBS and much more).