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What is CelebVM?

CelebVM (Celebrity video messages)

CelebVM is the original celebrity video messaging platform conceptualised in 2012 and launched in 2013.

Fans request videos for birthdays, weddings and anything else they want a personalised video for.

This video shows how much fun it is for the celebrities to record videos and how much it means to the recipients.  

The celebrity records videos as and when it is convenient for them from a handy APP on their phone and get paid instantly for every video they record at any price they set.

Depending how celebrities record the videos it usually only takes them about 60 seconds per message so they are able to charge very affordable prices sich as £30 or $50.

Celebrities get paid instantly via PayPal and receive up to 85% for every video.

We also give 5% lifetime commissions for introducing new celebrities.

Many other companies have come and gone over the years copying the concept, some even getting millions of investment and then closing down.  The competition massively helps us because we are usually mentioned in any publicity they try to get.  Plus if they recruit celebrities and then the celebrity learns about us, and the fact that we pay more and offer many other benefits than the other companies they often join CelebVM.

Angus Lancaster

After doing a degree in Japanese studies.  I lived in Japan, China and South Korea for 4 years teaching English while also starting an innovative tour guide company in China.

I came back to the UK and launched where we now supply the highest quality Waterwalkerz balls, Bodyzorbs and many other fun and fitness products all over the world from the largest theme parks and holiday chains to the smallest schools, swimming pools and leisure centres.

I launched

Other than running and I am also heavily involved in animal rights and vegan activism and run FriendsNotFoodUK where our aim to help people think about veganism and stop animal suffering.

I have also launched allowing people to give people virtual hugs and show people how much they love them with or without a CelebVM video message.

CelebVM as you see it now is just the tip of the iceberg and there is a lot more to come!