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Els van Soest

Dear Robert,thanks for the video for my wife Els' birthday 26/1.Apologies for late response due to relocation.She was overwhelmed and thought it was live so she was answering your remarks.I recorded her response;at the end she hugged me and said you could
Video received within 3 days


Thank you SO MUCh to the wonderful Robert Fripp and CVM. My wonderful other half Jimmy was absolutely astounded. We're both so thankful for Robert's enthusiasm and inspiring words. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Video received within 0 days


Dear Robert Fripp, thank you for making this beautiful, funny, thoughtful message for our friend Nathaniel for his birthday. He will be thrilled beyond words, especially at your rendition of 'Happy Birthday.' Your work has long been an inspiration to all
Video received within 2 days

Sean Curtin

Superb as always and thank you for sharing that terrific glimpse of the famous Triple humbucker Gibson Les Paul.(It gave me a mega grin of delight.) I'll be listening to it when the recently released King Crimson 1969 box set arrives on my door step(alon
Video received within 2 days

Marc Weinstein

please just know that showing off that guitar was the absolute best thing he could have done and that my friend Marc was moved to tears. Best gift I’ve ever given. So fabulous.
Video received within 2 days

Kirby Boos

I am absolutely elated to have received my message from Robert. He is by far my favorite musician for 47 years, and it is so nice that he reached out to me. A perfect gift from my love, Beth. Life is good. Thanks Robert!
Video received within 2 days

Vilius Ančeris

I am in shock how is Robert fantastis guy and... my favorite Master. At 16th i‘ll be 52 and my second name is An?eris, but first impression... f@ck makes me cry I love you Robert. You are the VIP person in my life. I have stories and stories for you abou
Video received within 0 days

Elena Belenko

Dear Robert! Thank you for your congratulations to my wife Elena. This is one of the greatest days for us! Our whole family loves you and your music very much! Your congratulations are the greatest gift that we will remember for a lifetime. Elena, Vi
Video received within 0 days

Micheal Suter

I cannot believe this is even real. THANK YOU ROBERT. You are an exceptional human being who just made someone's YEAR half a world away.
Video received within 1 days

Claudio Forti

Mr.Fripp, you’re fantastic! Thanks for your very interesting video and i hope i’ll meet you at the next concert of KC in Italy. Bye bye.. Claudio Forti
Video received within 1 days

Chris Sykes

Brilliant, thank you! Chris will love it. Garry Hagberg teaches just up the road from me at Bard. Stay safe, and thanks for all the music. Chris Raymond, Vassar College
Video received within 2 days

Libero Penello

This one is for Mr. Fripp: thanks for the video. So much fun and kind. That was an invaluable opportunity for contact between two human beings. Continue with the videos with Toyah Wilcox. Thanks from Brazil, Libero Penello
Video received within 1 days

Kristina Kozlova

Dear Robert, Thank you so much for your message, my wife and I just watched it and we both loved it. May your music continue to bring joy into our lives for many more years to come both via records and hopefully very soon again, the joyous experience of
Video received within 1 days

Alicia Landgraf

This was great. Thank you, Robert!
Video received within 2 days

Mr Garoghan

Thank you, Mr Fripp! Spot on. Mr Garoghan was both stunned and touched. Possibly the best birthday present he's ever had in all his (nearly) 66 years. Certainly the least expected. Very kind. Ta! Mr Miller
Video received within 1 days


Thank you so much for your thoughts and advice. It really made me think a lot about many things in life. And I mean that in a very good way. Thank you so much again!!!
Video received within 1 days

Katya and Alex

Thank you very much Mr. Fripp! It was a truly amazing gift. God save the King Crimson :)
Video received within 0 days

Allison Felus

Thank you so much for the wonderful video, Mr. Fripp! My wife adored it, and she loved seeing the Les Paul Custom (she did wonder if it's in standard or new standard tuning!). Thanks again for such a kind and uplifting message. Sending you much love from
Video received within 1 days

Alberto Cuellar

Thanks so much for the video, Robert - Alberto was shocked, surprised and also delighted when he received it on his birthday yesterday! He's a massive Crimson fan and this really means a lot to him. He's looking forward to tour dates in 2021 so we can co
Video received within 0 days

Calum Lorimer

Hello. You might recall that you recorded a message for my friend Calum last week. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that it was very well received. Stunned was the word that Calum used. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a video of his reaction due t
Video received within 0 days

Dale M. Haskell

Having Robert address me with encouragement had great meaning for me and may assist me in my journey back.
Video received within 0 days

Kevin Shelton

Robert Fripp answered my question with seriousness, intelligence, and most important, with evident sympathy. While this medium may not be ideal for everyone, I was very pleased and satisfied to have interacted with Robert in this way. Those who measure va
Video received within 1 days

Patrick Grant

Thank you! Better than I deserve! -Patrick
Video received within 1 days

Alex 'Barghest' Chirkov

Thanks a lot, Mr. Fripp! Alex will be happy once he sees it. I have already enjoyed the vid )
Video received within 0 days

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