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Matt Davis

Thank you so much to the amazing Melina Perez for such an heartfelt,gracious and motivational birthday message for my son,Matt today. My son was really shocked and then overjoyed to hear from her. What a true legend and genuinely lovely human being she
Video received within 2 days

Alexa Mart├Čnez

Sorry for the late feedback. But just wanted to thank Melina for her inspirational video. I would love to get another CelebVM from her in the future.
Video received within 2 days

Nykki T Bosch

Melina I just love you to death and thanks #bestie xo ?
Video received within 9 days

Quan Nguyen

Thank you Melina so much for the video ! I love it ! Your Amazing like always !
Video received within 1 days

Tyler Daschuk

Melina is always awesome and a class act.I can't say anything bad about her.
Video received within 6 days

Amanda Quinones

OMG I loved the Video Message from Melina Perez she's an amazing person not just in the ring but outside of it I hope one day like she told we get to meet each other thank you very much I will definitely be Chatting with her more
Video received within 1 days

Tyler Daschuk

Melina is always a sweet heart. I dont ever have anything bad to say about her at all.
Video received within 24 days


Melina I want to thank you from the birthday message that you sent me In June it really touched my ?? The message will hold a special place in my ?? as well you really know what to say to make a person feel good . Thank you Melina
Video received within 22 days

ashton bradley

thank you so much Melina this means alot to me,best ealy Chriostmas gift ever, i thank you again for you kind words merry christmas to you
Video received within 7 days

John Carroll

Thank u so much and u can do the next video for Christmas or New Years. I'm just happy I was able to get a video from u and help support u even more. Much love XOXO always gonna support u.
Video received within 35 days

Michael Walker

This was awesome! Thank you so much Melina!
Video received within 0 days

Jakob Vardy

Thank you for the kind words. I am so glad you are happy! It means a lot to hear you compliment my projects, I know I have a lot of work to do, and some days I feel like giving up because it is an intense circle. But I try to push myself and stay with it.
Video received within 10 days

P.T. Davila

I LOVE the video you did Melina. You did an amazing job on it. Yes you captured everything i was asking for. Thank you. I will DEFINITELY be getting more videos from you. BTW you are still BEAUTIFUL as EVER! My song:
Video received within 39 days

Vito Balciunas

Melina, you are the greatest. The Vm was so awesome. Love Vito
Video received within 21 days

Chris Martinez

I was so happy to receive a message from Melina. She did a wonderful job & it brightened up my day. Thank you so much. & it's a great way to connect with your idols. I
Video received within 32 days


Hi Melina! I Loved your Video!!! It made my Day!!! You Definitely are the Best Diva!!! I recently ordered one of your tshirts! I look forward to receiving it!! I AM A Big Fan Of Yours!!! I Love you Melina!!! Thanks again for the Awesome and Wonderful vi
Video received within 3 days

Matthew McCulloch

Really appreciated this. Thanks heaps Melina!
Video received within 33 days

Robert Perry

Great video. Very well done! Thanks Melina
Video received within 42 days


Hi Melina! Thank you so much for your Celebrity VM to me! It was very nice! I am thinking about requesting another Celeb VM in the very near future, if it is ok with you. You are very awesome and sweet! Thanks again!!
Video received within 40 days

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