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Moira Bannigan

Hi Many Thanks for the Quality and speed of delivery, Please extend my gratitude to Martin Roberts. I will endeavour to capture the moment and share it with you on the date of the Birthday. I will also share the Wonderfull experience dealing with you
Video received within 2 days


Absolutely brilliant. Martin you’re a star!
Video received within 0 days

Matt Swift

Awesome thanks Martin
Video received within 12 days

Gloria Smith

I got this for a friend's birthday, it was a lovely surprise and a very successful gift. Martin personalised the message with the details I had provider. Very happy customer and recipient!
Video received within 0 days

Laura Dobson

Thank you so much for recording the message. Laura loved it and young Rory keeps laughing when he hears you say his name. It made a return to work for Laura less painful and yes, she will still be watching you on iPlayer.
Video received within 3 days

Ashley brown

Great, thank you. Made Ashley's day !!
Video received within 39 days

Donna Kirk

Great Video! Will make a perfect birthday present :)
Video received within 8 days

Ruth Wafer

Made a lovely birthday gift. Thanks very much!
Video received within 11 days

Ian Williamson

Great job. Ian will love it. Thanks
Video received within 11 days

Mary Close

A lovely message thank you - my mother loved it!
Video received within 11 days

Nicole Greatrex

Ha! Love it! Thank you, Mr Roberts! PS. I've gone off Kevin McCloud now.
Video received within 8 days

Paul Cole

What can I say just great Martin
Video received within 23 days

Heather Spereall

Thanks, Martin. I know this was a year ago but I didn't realise I could leave feedback. Mum totally loved the video and she was really pleased, she usually watches the video when I'm around :) Just wanted to say I loved you on I'm A Celeb recently,
Video received within 14 days

Chloe Brabner

What a Guy. I requested a birthday message for my partner from Martin, and I received the video within hours. He is an absolute gentleman and a great sport. My partner absolutely loved it, as did I. Money well spent. Thank you Martin!!
Video received within 0 days


cheers Martin you did a great message.You are a funky guy!
Video received within 20 days

Jennifer Knowles

Great message - just what I was wanting, and recorded within 24 hours of requesting it. Martin Roberts is definitely a legend!
Video received within 1 days

Chris Hart

Thank you, Martin Roberts the message is brilliant!!
Video received within 9 days

Mel Adams

Nice one. Thanks Martin. Looks like you where in a caravan.
Video received within 11 days

Victoria Day

Really good - thanks Martin! Victoria will love it.
Video received within 31 days

Lauren Holbrook

Brilliant, the wife loved it, thanks Martin. ????????
Video received within 26 days

Charlotte Hawley

Martin Roberts is a total legend! That's all I can say!
Video received within 3 days

Char Shoben

Brilliant - glad u did it anyway - much appreciated!
Video received within 20 days


Excellent fast response. Top fella. Good effort. Thanks.
Video received within 2 days

Gemma Warwick

Thank you Martin for taking the time to do these videos, her reaction was priceless, they are still talking about it this week haha. Its a really great thing you are doing here. Have a great week
Video received within 9 days

Valia Hatzichristou

That's fantastic, she absolutely loved it, thanks Martin. I should warn you though she's thinking about sending a video of her homes under the hammer dance now:)
Video received within 1 days

Valerie Ringel

Thanks for the lovely Video. My wife was genuinely surprised and delighted by it. The look on her face when I played it for her was worth the extra effort to get this for her to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary. Its hard to find unique gifts after
Video received within 1 days

John Axcell

great video, really personal and funny. Highly recommend for any homes under the hammer fans.
Video received within 7 days

Darren Lewitt

Received within 12 hours and was a very personal message. Great service !
Video received within 1 days

Louise Folkard

Awesome stuff, Martin was professional and maintained his trademark cheery smile throughout! Thanks Martin, very much appreciated!
Video received within 13 days

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