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I cannot thank you enough for your birthday greeting for my husband. We both loved it - not to mention he’s so hard to surprise - thank you for helping me make a present he wasn’t able to guess!
Video received within 0 days

Laura Weale

Great video, thank you very much!
Video received within 4 days

Gina Abendroth

Hello Gareth, you don't know how much your message means to me! Yesterday was my bday and I was feeling down. But I appreciate your kind message very much and will listen to it whenever I am sad in the future! Thank you so much and I hope you and your lov
Video received within 2 days

David Pardue

Thanks for the video message. It was perfect. You're a legend.
Video received within 8 days


The video is simply perfect. Gareth was so kind and lovely, he take care for his fans and I really appreciate it! It was a perfect birthday gift!
Video received within 8 days


A truly fantastic message from Gareth! An absolute legend that went above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks so much you've made my day and, more importantly, my girlfriend's!
Video received within 6 days

Nadine Harris

My wife Nadine was blown away by the message :) thank you so much for brightening her day
Video received within 11 days


Thank you so much! This means the world to me. It's been hard being stuck at home for 4 months. This cheered me up immensely. Love this site!
Video received within 10 days


Thanks mate that's awesome! He will love that!
Video received within 13 days


Thank you for your kind words, it gave me some courage and my stress level reduced a bit. Thank you a bunch.
Video received within 17 days

Nancy Monfette

Such a swift response, and exactly what I needed right now. No matter how bleak things are for me, Gareth's beautiful voice and unfailing kindness always make things right in my world. Thank you, Gareth for the message, and thank you CVM for making these
Video received within 0 days


Loved your video! Made me really glad, especially because I needed it after a particularly rough day. You always know how to cheer me up and I hope to see you one day at Comic Con.
Video received within 4 days

Marco (NerdWho)

Thanks for answering my question, Gareth. Happy Easter to you too, stay safe and keep being amazing! Cheers!
Video received within 5 days

Hyeon Su

Thank you for your heartwarming message, Gareth! I'm truly satisfied with it and I'm glad you remembered me. I'll try my best to join comic con to meet you again. I hope you well
Video received within 10 days

Laetitia Rosse

Hello ! Thank you so much for the line !! The second one is perfect ! :) I hope you get better soon ! We live in strange times ! I know this commission didn't cost a lot but I hope it helped you at least a bit.
Video received within 2 days

Nancy Monfette

Another from a few years back (haven't had the chance to request a recent one). This one was my anchor in a time when my life was not going well at all. Gareth's voice and kind words kept me from taking a very dark path indeed. I owe him so much more than
Video received within 0 days

Nancy Monfette

This was a Birthday present and one of the best I've ever gotten. Gareth is so incredibly kind with fans, very pleasant and engaging. It was very much like he'd rang me on the phone to chat and wish me well on my day. Perfect.
Video received within 1 days

Sue May

Was lucky enough to win this second video from Gareth David-Lloyd via Twitter. I thoroughly recommend this wonderful service as it feels wonderful to get a personalized message from your favourite celebrity, and the prices are very reasonable. I now have
Video received within 20 days


I still listen to this video, years later. Thanks Gareth.
Video received within 1 days

Perform Australia

Thank you so, so much for the video! The students loved it and it got lots of likes on Facebook too! Best wishes from all of us at Perform Australia.
Video received within 8 days


Thanks so much, Gareth! My friend wasn't having the best day and the surprise video cheered her up so much. All the best! :)
Video received within 15 days

Alaina Norrick

Video received within 1 days

Neil Craske (myself Lucy)

Fantastic video - cant wait to show him at our wedding in Dec :) - THANK YOU SO MUCH X
Video received within 14 days


That was perfect! We both love it! Thank you millions!! <3
Video received within 24 days

Charlie Gosden

thank you so much, made my son really happy
Video received within 13 days

Sue May

Really happy with this service, & so lovely to get the personalised message from Gareth. Would thoroughly recommend this service. This is something I will keep forever.
Video received within 11 days

Graziella Finch

Absolutely loved the message, it made my day. Thank you so very much!
Video received within 15 days

Chad Vanis

Thank you so much!! Awesome video!!!
Video received within 18 days

Lauren Asia Burns-Budd

this video was amazing i cannot thank you and gareth david lloyd enough it was a much loved birthday present will definitely be using your service in the future
Video received within 2 days

Rynn Gallagher

Thank you for the lovely birthday message for my friend! She was SO happy! :D
Video received within 1 days


Awesome, thank you so much :))
Video received within 0 days

Nicolette Eddleston

Brilliant!!!! Gareth David Lloyd, you sir are an absolute star and an all round lovely bloke. Thanks loads
Video received within 1 days

Juliet La Ferier

Thank you for the video. It really brightened my day. :) I will take your words to heart and try and be more brave about sharing my writing with others. Thanks for the encouragement with that. Thank you for the birthday wishes as well. :) Best wishes,
Video received within 2 days

Adam and Laura Tapley

Very happy!!!
Video received within 9 days


Thank you so much, Gareth! The best birthday present.
Video received within 1 days

Dee Swartz

Thank you so much for my video. You've done 3 for me now and they have all been wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to make it so fast so I could watch it as soon as I came home. From the hospital.
Video received within 1 days

Raina Storer

Thank you so much! Raina laughed, she cried, she declared she will *never* get over Solas and his evil plan, but that it's the best birthday present ever! ;)
Video received within 35 days

Bethan Ackerley

Thank you so much! My sister loved her birthday message.
Video received within 33 days

Chad Vanis

Thanks again!!! The video was awesome!!!
Video received within 38 days

Chad Vanis

I ordered this last year and it was the first video I had ordered from your service. It was awesome!! Thanks!!
Video received within 8 days


Beautiful man left a beautiful message. 10/10. Would do again :)
Video received within 11 days

Joey Woodcock

Thank you so so much for this it has made my day! ???? You're such a nice person and I can't wait to meet you again ????
Video received within 14 days

Camena Dawnstar

Thank you CelebVM for giving me the chance to connect with Gareth! I couldn't be happier! My VM is now my most treasured possession. Thank you Gareth; ingenious actor and worlds sexiest vocalist! xxx
Video received within 14 days

Hallie Henry

Gareth' video message was so sweet and so amazing! The video got here before it was even scheduled to, which was great, and the personalization was awesome. Will definitely be buying more Celebrity Video Messages in the future!
Video received within 12 days


I'd like to thank you for taking the time do record your video for me, although o have not received it yet before I got this email about feedback I will keep an eye out for it. Your a real gem Gareth, keep up the good work x
Video received within 10 days

Sean dymock

wonderful many thanks!
Video received within 10 days


Gareth responded rather quickly, and send me a lovely little hello. It was lovely to hear from him, and I shall certainly reach out to him again!
Video received within 4 days

Most videos are recorded within a few hours to a week. You can cancel your request for an automatic refund at anytime (for example if you do not get it in time for a birthday etc).

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** If you need a video for a specific date you can cancel your request at anytime for a full refund

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