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Danny was awesome, very personal given the limited information provided due to character limits. Danny did a fantastic job and it was a wonderful surprise for my partner :) simply awesome!
Video received within 13 days

Surinder Ryatt

BIG THANKS DANNY!!!! Thanks for the video message. I showed it to my brother and he loved it. I’ll be asking you to do another one soon. Thanks again ????????
Video received within 16 days


Hello Mr. John-Jules (aka Dwayne Myers). We surprised Aya with your video on the morning of her birthday last week - and she was surprised indeed! Astonished! She kept asking, "is this real?". Thank you again for your video. It was perfect! It made Aya's
Video received within 2 days

Veronica Dixon

Thank you for the message Danny, it was brilliant. Better than I could of hoped for and Veronica loved it!
Video received within 6 days

Ash Jones

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the video. My friend Ash was delighted with it and thought it was a brilliant present. Massive thanks to Danny. I was expecting a 30-60 second message and this one was over six minutes long and so very funny.
Video received within 4 days


Great video from Danny, he was lovely and funny. I forgot to state what date the birthday was and he certainly let the birthday girl know, he had us laughing a lot! Thanks Danny, you're a legend.
Video received within 14 days


Thank you taking what I asked for and making it your own
Video received within 0 days

Adam Marsden.

Very quick response. Great personal message, my fiancé said it was the best present he’s ever had. Really chuffed thank you Danny!
Video received within 5 days

Dave Fleming

Thanks so much for taking the time to record while already so busy with rehearsals and everything else! It was fantastic and sooo very funny - he went nuttier than squirrel sh1t when he first saw it and then couldn’t stop laughing and replaying. Awesome!
Video received within 4 days


Thank you Danny. Our Danny is well chuffed! I love this service; it allows super fans to get a bit closer to their idols and is personal to them! Great work and thanks so much for singing to Dan and throwing in the opcassional 'Cat' - really made his year
Video received within 4 days


wow ! Great video many thanks the staff really enjoyed it and love how you did the link to our brand and that certain show so funny merry Xmas
Video received within 18 days

Shannon Ward

The video message was AWESOME!!! My wife loved it! Thank you for the supper fast response and amazing 7 minute video! Thank you so much for helping to make my wife's birthday an truly special day for her!
Video received within 3 days

Andrew Spiteri

Absolutely brilliant. Andrew was grinning from ear to ear!
Video received within 9 days


My niece was gobsmacked when she received her video from the very cool Officer Dwayne Myers, aka Danny John-Jules. She can't wait to show her mates who also love Death In Paradise as much as she does, that Officer Dwayne Myers sent her a personalised
Video received within 3 days

Mr Grace


?????? Just hugs and kisses. You re AWESOME Danny????????????
Video received within 8 days

Chris Jones

Danny, you are a LEGEND! My boyfriend loved his message and it almost made up for missing the Mugello Moto GP. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to make his message so personal and hilarious. Fingers crossed for Valencia. Shiny side up!
Video received within 0 days


Great video! Made a terrific present. Thanks very much!
Video received within 3 days


Thanks sooo much Danny - perfect birthday message for my wife Freya. She’s going to love it! Bless you
Video received within 4 days

Jenny Turnbull

Many thanks to Danny John-Jules for making this video. He recorded a five minute comedy gem reprising all our favourite roles, including a rendition of the pancake day song. Hope it was as much fun for him to make as it was for us to watch and remember al
Video received within 19 days

Dr. Camille

Freaking awesome its not even for me, and it make smile and tear up a little- with excitement. Plus it was almost 8 minutes long!!!! I mean he went all out!!! Awesome job and thank you so much, my wife will love it!!!! You are awesome Danny John-J
Video received within 15 days


Love it! Thank you so much for your warmth and generosity of your time!
Video received within 6 days


Thank you so much!!!
Video received within 3 days

Sam Barber

Wow!!! Danny - thank you so much! I was expecting something a few seconds long but that was something else entirely. Such a wonderful, inspiring video - it’s really made Sam’s day and has given him such a boost. Thanks again from one really chuffed Dad!
Video received within 14 days

Terry Hersant

Oh my goodness - this is flipping brilliant - I can't wait for Terry to see this - hoping he will see it tonight. Thank you so much Mr Danny John-Jules - you are fan-blooming-tastic xxxx
Video received within 1 days

Catherine Smith

Dear Danny, we love you for this! You gave alot of time and thought to Nayland's message. He is so thrilled. THANK YOU!
Video received within 9 days


Absolutely brilliant - loved every minute of it. So good how he made loads of references to Will’s interests and hobbies. Excellent music, went into different characters and talked about his interest in Sci-Fi and the Caribbean. Huge Thanks - we're
Video received within 2 days


Thanks Danny! You made my sons birthday! Cant thank you enough.
Video received within 5 days

Andrew Stone

My wife purchased a video from Danny for my 50th Birthday. It was amazing. Thank you. Please can you pass on my sincere thanks to Danny and everyone at CelebVM - it truly made my day a special one. Thank you so much,
Video received within 6 days

Claire Goodwin

Just want to say thank you so much to Danny for making my wife's birthday perfect at a difficult time. Unfortunately I didn't get to record her tears of joy and surprise, but your message was perfect and very special. A gentleman. Thank you. Smeghead f
Video received within 9 days


Fantastic video, and I'm sure my other half would love it! You can tell that Danny has put a lot if effort in the video :) thank you!
Video received within 9 days

Tommy Dasko

Danny was absolutely amazing! Exceeded my expectations and my best friend and his kids absolutely loved it. He took his time and made it super personal. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Video received within 7 days

Martha Morris

Absolutely fantastic video for our daughter Martha !!! We are so pleased with the video and how much thought Danny has put into it. My wife and I can’t wait to show our daughter this on Christmas Day. She is going to treasure it forever. Please pass on ou
Video received within 8 days


This was more than I could Imagine, Thank you so much! Legend.
Video received within 10 days

Michal Jagrik

Danny made a lovely birthday wish video for my brother. Not only did he make it with less than 3 days notice, it was completely personalised and made my brother's day! He was speechless, or as he put it 'tongue-tied'. The perfect gift for any Red Dwarf f
Video received within 3 days


Oh wow! Danny did such an amazing job!. Thank you so much. I was never expecting such a long, detailed and really thought out fun message. My husband was utterly thrilled. It really made his birthday evening; especially with all the current restrictions.
Video received within 2 days


Thank you so much!! Absolutely love the video and I know Anthony will too when he sees it, the Smeg Head. Definitely went above and beyond!
Video received within 0 days

Alan Cowie

Huge thanks to Danny for recording the message. Pleasantly surprised how fast he recorded the message and sent it to us and with the length of the video too. Danny really went above and beyond. 2020 has been a crap year for everyone and this will definite
Video received within 1 days

Stevie Law

Thank you so much Danny. I just sent it to Stevie and he is genuinely the happiest I've heard him in months. I'm completely blown away by your generosity and kindness - he is too. You are an absolute legend and a true national treasure! Thank you! x
Video received within 11 days

Maria Gebhardt

Danny. This is amazing. Thank you so much for this detailed, beautiful message. My friends were over the moon and extremely excited. My heart just grew bigger by seeing what you do. It means so much to all of us. Thank you a million times.
Video received within 7 days

Kim Walker

Thank you so much Danny for the wonderful video message you made for my friend before her surgery. The personal touches you added and the sense of hope and support from you were just what we all needed during this terrible time. Your kindness and generos
Video received within 0 days


Loved the video message from Danny! I had a big birthday this month and my lovely husband arranged the video for me as a surprise, and as a massive Red Dwarf fan it couldn’t have been better... Danny recorded a fantastic personal message which absolutel
Video received within 6 days

Mark Fox

There is not enough words to say a huge thank you to Danny for doing this and to help raise just over £2200 split between our cricket club, the NHS and Mind Charity. Everyone was so chuffed with professional job and how the stories all related. Thanks Dan
Video received within 0 days


I was blown away by the heartfelt message that Danny sent for my two young boys, he made sure that it was really personal to them despite it being for a charity event, he was able to ensure that the wider audience understood the significance of what he wa
Video received within 0 days


I have watched Danny’s on screen work Since the 80s. This fantastically edited video just highlights The energy that reciprocates every time we meet up. His good ways and kindness shine bright for all to see!! Having a personal message from one of my on s
Video received within 0 days

Anthony Meager

Very pleased with video, my husband loved it ????
Video received within 34 days

Stewart Robinson

Cat....I mean Danny thanks for the birthday message. Loved the different stories you had to tell. That made my day.
Video received within 4 days

Rosie Clements

Thank you so much. We really appreciate all the time and hard work you put into it. Im tongue-tied.
Video received within 15 days

Rebecca Wakeley

Wow! Just received such an amazing (and very personalised) video from Danny John-Jules for my daughter's birthday! She was absolutely over the moon with it. Thank you so much for going above and beyond -, highly recommended.!
Video received within 35 days

Summer Giles

Thank you Danny, Loved the DIP ending. Was a bit surprised the message was 22 minutes long, was only expecting like a 30 second message. Also at the end you put up a message that summer was 40 aha. All the best, Jamie
Video received within 5 days

David thornton

My friend was gobsmack and over joyed.. Thank you so much for making his birthday awesome. Nice one Danny ????
Video received within 20 days

Gary Carvell

I’m blown away with how personalised Danny made the message! He went above and beyond. My Dad was so shocked when he seen the message. In his words, he “didn’t know wether to laugh or cry!” Thank you for making his birthday so memorable!
Video received within 18 days

David Simpson

Great video. Love the fact that Danny took time over it to personalize the video so much. thank you xx
Video received within 13 days

Vicci Wiksen

Thank you so much Mr. Danny John-Jules for making such a heartfelt birthday message! A true gentleman and utter legend! Worth every penny (if not more) for such a priceless moment…
Video received within 2 days

Matthew Cuss

Thanks Danny - much appreciated
Video received within 5 days

Mandy Ainsworth

Absolutely brilliant. Had the wife in tears. Such a thoughtful and well thought out message. Also a song to top it off. Thank you so much.
Video received within 7 days

Zeke Critchlow

Absolutely made my son's birthday to hear from Danny John-Joules for his 13th birthday.
Video received within 6 days

Angus Lawrence

Sir Danny, What an amazing video! We loved your stories, the research, the Celtic top, and of course, Dwayne Dibbley! D.I.P. has helped us smile during lockdown and we will visit Saint Marie to thank you in person when this is over. Angus will love it on
Video received within 13 days


Hi Danny, I just delivered your message and it was brilliant. I had put it in a video card, and Myriam loved it. Thanks so much for putting in the effort! Cheers, Willem
Video received within 2 days

Ben & Matt Quiz

This was absolutely perfect! Danny was brilliant, warm, welcoming and the ideal starter for our quiz. Really appeciated!
Video received within 4 days

Mia Thwaites

Can you say a massive thanks to Danny - as well as you guys for making it happen. My daughter was so happy and surprised. He did such a great job on the video. What an awesome service. Take care, Dan.
Video received within 6 days

Paul Connolly

Great, thanks Dannny
Video received within 1 days


What a great video message from Danny. My daughter was over the moon. Tbh I would have paid much more for it than I did, but I don't want you to get any ideas! Thanks, Danny.
Video received within 17 days

Celeste & Gary

That was FANTASTIC! Thank you Danny for going above and beyond, this is going to make a wonderful surprise. We thought the new show was great BTW :)
Video received within 18 days

Wayne Nolan

Danny You are an absolute legend thank you.for taking the time to record this and for making it so personal. Best wishes and Stay Safe Wayne
Video received within 5 days

Jan and Wendy

That was such a fun and lovely message. Thank you so so much. That has made my parents day. Mark (Also a fan like my folks of your great work in Red Dwarf, Death in Paradise AND Blade II!)
Video received within 15 days


I haven't stopped laughing, thank you so much. What a guy!!!!
Video received within 15 days

Charlie Barrey

Hi Danny - love it
Video received within 14 days

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