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Sarah Eastwood

I love how Cheryl clearly spent time thinking about how to make it very personalised, based on the info I had provided when ordering it. Her style is very natural and conversational. It was a good length too. Thank you! #Cherylfordamehood Highly recomm
Video received within 6 days

Louise Matthews

Hi it’s Louise Thank you so much for my message it was such a lovely surprise on my birthday can’t wait to see you preforming again been such a big fan for years xxx
Video received within 1 days

Garry Gilmour

Dear Cheryl, Thank you so much for the lovely birthday video you made for Garry Gilmour. It was very personal and very special. Garry was absolutely delighted with it. It made his birthday extra special with lots of fizz! Wonderful! Thanks again., Michael
Video received within 1 days

Yvonne Lee

Thanks Cheryl! Her birthday wasn’t until 2nd June so I’ve had to wait before making comments in case something leaked out. Your message was the highlight of the presentation I did for her and your warm nature really came through. Thank you so much!
Video received within 1 days


Cheryl, THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!! Can't wait to show Ryan the finished product. What a treat it will be! <3
Video received within 2 days

Emily Brett

Hi Cheryl, thanks for Emily's birthday message, she loved it and it was a brilliant surprise. Thanks for being so warm and friendly, looking forward to seeing you at a Fizz gig soon Jonathan & Emily Brett xx
Video received within 2 days


Wow! My video was absolutely PERFECT. Got this as a surprise for a work social and I honestly cannot wait to see people’s faces when they watch it. Cheryl was incredibly warm, super lovely and absolutely hilarious. I was always a fan but now I’m a super
Video received within 6 days

Neil Borrett

Cheryl Thank you so much for the message you recorded for Neil (the Grey superfan from Hove) It was really appreciated and the way you took all the facts and made it personal really was special. Thanks again and look forward to the live performaces soo
Video received within 0 days

Jason Moyle

Dearest Cheryl, Thank you thank you thank you! This is such a lovely video and so promptly sent. It will bring the recipient so much joy, almost as much as your wonderful songs have over the years. Take care and yes, we will see you one day soon at a gig
Video received within 1 days


Thank you so much Cheryl, Simon absolutely loved your eurovision message for his 40th, so much so there was even tears! So many people have now seen it and think it's amazing! You made his day and some! Great job, thank you! Carrie
Video received within 0 days

Iris's friends

Absolutely wonderful. Day/week/month/year made! Thanks so much lovely Cheryl!!
Video received within 1 days


Please thank Cheryl so, so much. Paul’s birthday isn’t till the 17th but he’ll love it when he sees it. Tell her she is much prettier than me with or without full stage make up! We are certainly very alike! FFC is Fulham football club and finally WE NEE
Video received within 2 days

Sharon Gant

Please pass on my thanks to Cheryl for creating such a kind and warm hearted message for my sister Sharon. Sharon won't be seeing the video message until her birthday, but I know she will be over the moon.
Video received within 3 days

Wes the banger

Absolutely wonderful, thank you soo much. You're a star xx
Video received within 0 days

Melissa Denby

Thank you Cheryl for an amazing video, sorry I missed my name off somehow, I'm Steve Melissa's husband and she loved you growing up in the 80's, you're message put a smile on her face. we've a long road ahead with her learning to walk again but she's a t
Video received within 2 days

Michael Head

Thank you so much Cheryl, it’s an amazing lovely personal video and Michael will be absolutely thrilled x yes you pronounced His niece’s name right! I can’t express how wonderful this video is and I’d highly recommend it as a special treat to all Bucks Fi
Video received within 0 days

Gordon Miller

Hi Cheryl. Gordon was delighted with your video fir his birthday. He was really surprised and it made his day. He shared it on Facebook and had over 100 likes. It definitely will be a birthday to remember. We have been married fir 45 yrs with 2 girls
Video received within 2 days

Eric Dobson

Thanks Cheryl! Love the video, brilliant! Remember back in the day's loved Bucks Fizz and still got the records from the 80's! I remember back in the 90's we saw Bucks Fizz at Butlins in Ayr on holiday and I've still got the BF programme which you all sig
Video received within 2 days


RaYYY wonder stuff thank you all the best x
Video received within 4 days


Wanted to give Cheryl a massive Thankyou the birthday girl really loved your wonderful message she was overwhelmed Never seen so many smiles and tears at the same time on the birthday zoom.
Video received within 1 days

Nicola Beeden

Can you please pass on our thanks to Cheryl for our video, it was just what was needed and will add that extra bit of sparkle to our conference. It was delivered back to us in quick time, thanks again.
Video received within 0 days

Jonathan Powell

How wonderful... thank you Cheryl xxxx
Video received within 1 days


Im so chuffed with the personal video message that Cheryl made just for me. As I had expected she was really charming and lovely. The video was delivered in super quick time. Highly recommended.
Video received within 0 days


Thanks Cheryl ... that will put a smile on her face! Yes - I am her husband and yes we have visited Jamaica (Couples Swept Away in Negril) several times (and have climbed up the falls) - and hope to go back to the Centara Grand Resort and Spa in Maldives
Video received within 1 days


Please tell Cheryl that she was fantastic – a real star, and such a nice lady. My wife cried tears of joy when watching. We are now lifelong admirers of Cheryl…thanks so much! Steven
Video received within 1 days

Mike Farley

Thank you for the really great personalised video greeting from Cheryl - absolutely superb. My husband really enjoyed receiving it. Many thanks Anne Farley
Video received within 3 days

Chloe fear

Amazing video recorded as an 18th Birthday gift, Very personalized message with high quality audio and video. Thanks very Much !
Video received within 0 days


The nicest thing about this was Cheryl's genuine happy smiley voice and animation. My husband absolutely loved her video. We wish her all the best for 2021
Video received within 0 days

Helen Kelly

Thank you so much Cheryl, hope you are ok and get out this tough period in a positive place. I know things are tough for you, this is why I also wanted you to do the video for Helen. We have to look after each other. All the best - Darrell
Video received within 1 days


Delighted to receive the crystal clear recording from Cheryl Baker Who I have admired and respected since the Eurovision Win in 1981. A lovely, pleasant and upbeat message.
Video received within 0 days

Stuart Young

Huge thanks to Cheryl for recording such a personal video message for my husband. He was thrilled!
Video received within 4 days

Tom Royds

Thank you so much for the message. I knew you'd be brilliant. Can't wait for my colleague to see it. It's the best present in these times. You are fab!!
Video received within 0 days

Barry Moynes

I can't believe Cheryl Baker took time out of her busy day to record a video for me. It's seriously the nicest thing that's ever happened to me. She's so friendly and considerate. I'm on cloud 9.
Video received within 1 days

Pat (Patricia)

Hi. Cheryl, Thank you SO much for your lovely video for my Mum Pat. She really is a big fan of yours and remembers how lovely you were to her all those years ago in Liverpool. You might not remember but she certainly does! You are a lovely, kind lady
Video received within 3 days

St Teresa's

Thank you so much Cheryl! Your message is wonderful and the girls at St Teresa’s School will love it. It is such a lovely and positive message. Thank you!
Video received within 1 days

James Hill

Cheryl, thank you so much, we're both in tears, what a lovely personal message. It means so much. It was my dad that died. Dont worry I didn't include that in the message. I've got dancing in the rain and land of make believe on my phone and I listen to
Video received within 0 days

Ambulance staff

Brilliant... Thank you so much. Will be playing it on our weekly conference call!
Video received within 2 days

Ron Gillen

This was the most fantastic thing I have ever done for myself! So quick too, I thought I would have to wait weeks! If you can pass along a message to Cheryl to say thank you! and let her know that everything is fine and dandy in the US, now we have riots
Video received within 0 days

Andrew Dodds

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and Cheryl Baker for this. Superb. Kind regards Graham
Video received within 1 days

To Colin

That is absolutely brilliant Cheryl thank you so much ???? Super personal and lovely. My dad will love it ??
Video received within 2 days

Cochrane Quiz

thank you Cheryl and for doing it so quickly, everyone loved it, everyone agreed that you ever change! keep well tim
Video received within 2 days

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