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You can expect your video within a few hours to a week. If you do not get your video in time for when you need it, you can cancel for a refund at anytime. We would suggest to cancel as late as possible because the celebrity could still record anytime that day.

If a celebrity is very busy they may prioritise urgent requests so if your request is not urgent and does not arrive quickly, don’t worry they will most likely do it in time for your occasion.


Terry Boevers

Thank you so much for this! My dad absolutely loved the video! God bless you and Merry Christmas! Clayton Boevers
Video received within 1 days

Jeff Harris

If possible, please pass along my (our) thanks to Burton Gilliam. My family are big Blazing Saddles fans and Burton's video was perfect for my brother's 50th Birthday. He loved it! We all did! Thank you so much Burton!
Video received within 1 days


Burton! Thankyou so much! Absolutely amazing! You remember your lines & actions completely perfectly haha! I'm a UK based property developer & this custom script makes me laugh so much! I just watched the movie again. Lifelong BTTF fan, seen it millions o
Video received within 1 days

Joe Chapa

You are amazing!! You nailed it, THANK YOU THANK YOU!! If I see you in Dallas, your dinner is on us and I promise not to say more than Hi and thank you again for the video it means the world to me!! Please stay safe and wow...amazing...thank you!!!!!!!! I
Video received within 2 days

Rosie Clements

Thank you so much. A real super star.
Video received within 1 days

Andrew Ridley

Thanks Burton, this will make a great Father’s Day gift. I’m sure this request is made all the time for the character so I’m glad he was able to deliver the message with a smile. Absolutely amazing, can’t wait to show him this for father’s day.
Video received within 1 days

Most videos are recorded within a few hours to a week. You can cancel your request for an automatic refund at anytime (for example if you do not get it in time for a birthday etc).

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** Most videos are recorded within a few days to 2 weeks

** If you need a video for a specific date you can cancel your request at anytime for a full refund

** Celebrities record videos as and when they can on their computers or smartphones

Why do Celebrities use CelebVM?

Most celebrities use CelebVM as a fun way to connect with their genuine fans

Celebrities record videos when it's convenient for them on their smartphone

Celebrities can use CelebVM to raise money and awareness for their charities and causes

Celebrities choose their price and get paid instantly for every video they record

**The CelebVM prices are for personal use videos, so if you request a video to promote a business or product the celebrity may pass your details to their agent and will likely ask for a higher fee for a video

** If you need a video for a specific date you can cancel your request at anytime for a full refund

**A Celebrity can cancel any requests that they do not want to do or do not have time to do