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Cheyanne Miller

You give such helpful advice! Thanks again CC!
Video received within 3 days

Skyler P

You are amazing Thank you CC!
Video received within 2 days

Cheyanne Miller

Thank you so much cc! This made me so happy!
Video received within 3 days

Cheyenne Somers

I absolutely adored this video message! I thought it was thoughtful and kind, he pronounced my name right the first time he said it then made me laugh when he called it Shane, but he is one of my favorite celebs in the world and I just wanna say thank you
Video received within 9 days


Thank you CC! Owen loves it a ton and it means a lot to us both! Thanks again and see you at Download!!
Video received within 6 days

Eddie Sierra

Thank you so much CC!! I love in Toledo Ohio
Video received within 9 days

Mekalea Hoover

hey, sooooo sorry for the long pausse for feedback, lots has been going on, but YOU are AMAING!!, hopefully i can meet you and the guys soon, everytime i feel down i rewatch your video and it makes me feel happier, im so glad! thank you!!
Video received within 4 days

Wendy Waters

quick fast and grat video
Video received within 1 days


Cried the whole time I watched it! I'm absolutely happy that I got a video from him
Video received within 4 days


Thank you
Video received within 1 days

How it works

You can request a video message for a personal connection, shout-out, proposal, surprise or as a gift for a birthday, wedding, congratulations, christmas, valentines and much more.

1. Choose from the 100s of celebrities (Search by name, category, keyword, genre)

2. Enter the details that you want them to mention (E.g. Names, Birthday, Hobbies etc)

3. Pay safely and securely with PayPal or any debit or credit card

4. You will receive an email with your video and download links as soon as the celebrity has recorded your video

** Most videos are recorded within a few days to 2 weeks

** If you need a video for a specific date you can cancel your request at anytime for a full refund

** Celebrities record videos as and when they can on their computers or smartphones

Why do Celebrities use CelebVM?

Most celebrities use CelebVM as a fun way to connect with their genuine fans

Celebrities record videos when it's convenient for them on their smartphone

Celebrities can use CelebVM to raise money and awareness for their charities and causes

Celebrities choose their price and get paid instantly for every video they record

**The CelebVM prices are for personal use videos, so if you request a video to promote a business or product the celebrity may pass your details to their agent and will likely ask for a higher fee for a video

** If you need a video for a specific date you can cancel your request at anytime for a full refund

**A Celebrity can cancel any requests that they do not want to do or do not have time to do