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CelebVM gives back to charities in many different ways.

1. We pledge to donate a proportion of our annual net profits to The Evergreen Trust Charity.

2. We create free links for charities where an additional 5% of all video orders will go to the charity

See this example of a charity link: (Great Ormond Street Hospital)

We will create these links for any charities that wish to have and share them.  The charities can login to check their balance and withdraw funds at anytime getting paid via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

3. Some of the celebrities give between 10% to 100% of their share to their chosen charities.

4. CelebVM makes it easy for charities to get videos directly from celebrities to promote their causes.

5. We have various free features for celebrities who want to offer fans the chance to win free videos in order to help raise awareness and excitement about their charities.